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I create figurative sculptures for interior and exterior spaces, be it a sculpture of a beloved pet or a memoir for your garden. Working closely with you my aim is to produce a piece of art which will bring bespoke sculpture to your home. All my sculptures on this website are unique, unless specifically identified as an edition.

My range of work

'Nell' unique glazed earthenware torso

Portrait bust in clay

Bronze dog - edition 2/10

'Eva' unique glazed stoneware ceramic torso

'Tilda' unique glazed earthenware torso on a steel base

'Hector' Stoneware Glazed Male Torso

'Tilly' unique glazed ceramic

'Rosie' unique stoneware glazed sculpture

'Reverie' unique stoneware ceramic sculpture on an oak base

'Ida' unique glazed stoneware ceramic mounted on a stone base

'Eve' unique ceramic torso with a warm blue glaze

'Freya' unique glazed ceramic torso

Dog head mounted on hardwood base

Hare with oxide patina mounted on steel base

'Hare' unique ceramic with a rich oxide patina mounted on oak

'Willow' unique ceramic torso mounted on a steel base


Persian Blue

'JackRabbit' a unique stoneware ceramic with a rich oxide patina. Mounted on a mahogany base.



'Sienna' unique stoneware ceramic torso with oxide patina on a marble base

Suspended Figure

Ceramic Torso

'Naomi' stoneware ceramic mounted on a hardwood base


'Clove' unique freestanding stoneware ceramic with oxide patina

'Daphne and Hebe'

Cast in a variety of materials

The majority of my figurative sculptures have been made in either clay or wax, which are then cast in a variety of materials including bronze. More recently I am enjoying working directly with clay and fire the work in a kiln using a variety of oxides and glazes.

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